VIP Concierge Golf Program

The World’s Most Exclusive Coaching Experience

 $100,000.00 for your very own personal coach for one year.

Guaranteed to be the most outrageously successful coaching experience you will ever receive or your choice of #1 Your money back .

THE ultimate golf gift for that special person who should have everything!

The World’s Most Exclusive Coaching Experience. 

This  is The Ultimate V.I.P. Golfer Concierge Program

Have what the Tour PGA professionals have — their very own personal swing coach whenever they want and acquire the golf game that you have dreamed about for years.

Retirees — Are you going to A. drive your wife crazy now that you are home all the time? B. travel and waste away on the beach? or C. finally get your golf game to the level you desire?

Serious Players — Are you going to A. keep getting frustrated because you aren’t playing to your potential?  B. take up tennis even though you have real talent? or C. make the investment to play at a level you know you can be proud of?

Introducing the Ultimate V.I.P. Golfer Concierge Program

Your VIP Golfer Concierge Program includes:

  • Your very own personal PGA Golf Professional for an entire year of Unlimited Instruction  
  • Luxurious Trip to St. Andrews, the birthplace of golf, or alternate international golf trip to world famous golf destinations 
  • Four regional trips to famous U.S.A. golf clubs 
  • Unlimited on-course playing sessions with your pro 
  • Access to all the latest in 3D golf technology & TrackMan 
  • Your very own golf specific fitness professional 
  • Your very own golf psychologist
  • Plus the option to add up to 2 of your friends.  

Here’s your chance finally to do so.  Contact Stan at 561-699-2616