Online Lessons


If you can’t make it to Boca Raton for in person lesson, you now have the ability to still take a Live private lesson with me online.

Download the Golf Live App from the app store. There is no cost to you for the app. Signup and select me as your coach and I look forward to helping you sink more putts and wedge it closer.

          Online Live Private Lesson

One Video Lesson

  • Analysis of Putting stroke highlighting tendencies and areas to improve on
  • Recommended changes and options designed for each individual golfer
  • Drills and plan designed to enhance improvement

Lessons are run thru the Golf Live App.

Just download Golf Live App. Prices are $50 for a Half Hour, and $90 for One Hour.

The lesson will be a live lesson that we can draw lines and I can actually send you a video of your stroke while we are in a live session.

When viewing your stroke I will need to see a front view from12 to 14 feet away. I will also need to see a view from 12 to 14 feet away from down the line. So make sure there is ample space.