Custom Putter Fitting

Custom Putter Fitting

Is your putter working for you or against you. Getting the right fit is key to finding a putter that works for you and allows you to function at your best. I will use SAM PuttLab Technology to help determine the best type of putter for you. Either a Blade style or mallet style. 

We will will also find the best style of putter, grip, lie angle and length that allows you to move the putter in a smooth functional way. You will also receive a copy of the SAM PuttLab report.

                                                                       Putter Fitting $60 

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The Clanking the cup makes when the ball goes in the hole is a wonderful sound. You feel euphoria! For you to experience more of that euphoria you must have a putter that fits you properly, otherwise you will not enjoy those sounds and feelings on a regular basis.

Putter-Fitting – The Most Important Club to Custom Fit

Golfers use the putter more than any other club in the bag, yet Putter fitting rarely gets the attention it deserves. 43% of the average golfer’s shots are struck with the putter. Yet how do most golfers buy a putter? By trial and error, with the emphasis put almost entirely on the “look” or the design features of the putter head, instead of the 4 critical putter fitting elements which, if properly fit, could strip strokes off your score.

On the other hand, if the putter’s Length, Loft, Lie and overall Weight Balance are not matched to each golfer’s style of putting, there is little chance the putter will lower your score.

Custom Fit Putters

Directed Force Putters – The finest putters ever made with lie angle balancing. Lie angle balancing allows the face stability as it goes through the ball. Only the best!!

Lie Angle Balancing defined

1. The lie angle and shaft length of a putter determines what arc the putter is predisposed to swing upon when a pendulum putting motion is used.
2. The DIRECTED FORCE™ putter head is rotationally stabilized to ‘seek’ square to that natural predetermined arc.
3. MOI ratings are applicable only if the head wants to remain square at the point of impact.
4. DIRECTED FORCE™ putters use heel/toe plus front/back weighting to create the highest effective MOI rating ever in the industry; 2.6011.
5. Torque spikes in other balancing systems (face balanced, toe down, toe straight up or face down) must be countered by a change in grip pressure (hands and fingers) and forearm tension for the face to have a chance to remain square to the arc.
6. With non-Lie Angle Balancing putters, the face will instantly become un-square when the putter is lifted off the ground and put into motion unless the muscles in your hands, wrists and forearms are manipulating to club to keep it square.
7. A putter that is lie angle balanced requires no such influence from your hands, wrists and forearms. It remains square to the path/arc throughout the entire stroke (address, back swing, transition, forward swing, impact and follow through).
8. Lie angle balancing allows the small (unpredictable) muscles to relax and the bigger (more predictable) muscles to stay focused on ball speed and putter path.

A truly lie angle balanced putter does not twist or turn on the muscles in the hands, wrists and forearms, it stays perpendicular to the stroking arc without humans touching the putter.

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