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Distance & Speed Control Putting Lessons

Hey there!

Thank you for purchasing Stan Moore’s Distance & Speed Control Putting Lessons.

Here you will find these two video lessons. The proper order to view, is distance control lesson first, and the speed control lesson second.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at

These two lessons will focus on ingredients that will help you roll the ball the proper distance and deliver the ball at the correct capture speed to the hole. You will make more one putts and reduce the three putts.

Once these two ingredients are learned they will help the golfer reduce skid, reduce side spin, start the ball more online, and develop a more consistent roll out pattern. They will also self correct technical flaws in the stroke.

Managing Distance

Managing Distance is about matching the stroke length to the distance of the putt, on the speed of the greens you are putting. There will be no more guessing on how to make a putting stroke, that will roll the ball the correct distance. 

Managing Speed

Managing Speed is about managing the time and acceleration into the ball, that will deliver the correct impulse into the ball, rolling it in the hole to a foot past the hole.