Distance & Gapping Session

“Teaching You Better Contact, Power, & Control”  

This Specialty Session will help you, when you can’t figure out,  “What club will I use on this shot?” Maybe you don’t  know the distance that you hit each club? It is time that you learned, how far you hit each club. 

So In this session with the help of our digital golf assist you will find out how far you fly the ball, how far the ball rolls out, and determine if you have the correct Gapping between clubs in your set.

These are important details for you to know if you are going to clear the bunker and hit the ball six feet from the pin, as oppossed to hitting it in the bunker and increasing your score by two shots.

This is a HUGE Confidence Builder once you have this information.

Stan I dropped 5 strokes off my average score this summer, thanks to your instruction. – Bill Henry 



* Carry distance

* Complete roll out distance

* Club gapping

* Build confidence

* Eliminate guess work


2 Hour Specialty Session Investment   $299